What Data is Being Captured?

Just purchased the Basic ver. of GW. Asking, is the broadband usage total being reflected on the dashboard, is showing all that goes through my router, or only for what is used by my Win. 11 PC?

GlassWire is an endpoint monitor, so we show all the data that goes through your PC that GlassWire is installed on.

However, our “Things” tab can keep track of other devices as they join/leave your network. It can also alert you if a new unknown device joins your network.

Thanks so much for confirming my fear.

Directly, purchased your product believing I would be able to monitor my BB usage via my router, not only my PC. This stated, do you have or know of any product I might utilize as a home user that can capture all devices? Hit my 300 GB limits last month for the 1st time. Deal is, my online/streaming usage is quite minimal. Seems to me anyway, something is draining my allotment & sure need to find it!

Again… Thanks!

You can rule out your PCs and Android devices using GlassWire. Most of the time people find their PCs are causing the overages, so that’s why GlassWire is popular for that.

Here is a helpful web page about this: 10 ways to check your data usage

Do you have cable? I had same issue…seems newer systems use up/down data to run…