What is GWunlock.exe? false positive AV alert

Is that GWunlock.exe file in this path? “C:\Program Files (x86)\GlassWire”

If it is, then it’s likely been updated for the latest version of GW. If not, it’s definitely suspicious! If that file shipped with the latest installer you should contact GW support regarding a potential false positive.

I am running GW v2.3.413 and I get a different file hash for GWunlock.exe at VirusTotal, and only one AV vendor marks it as suspicious.

Hi yes it was bundled with the latest glasswire lite… and detected with emsisoft emergency kit (which uses bitdefenders signatures) I use this as an occasional second opinion scanner.
I have deleted it an glasswire still seems functional and so far no pop ups or odd behaviour for missing it)
I wonder what the purpose of it is? @Ken_GlassWire what is gwunlock.exe used for?

just updated definitions and rescanned quarantine…


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Related post from 4 years ago relating to GWunlock and false positives and what the exe is used for… GlassWire and Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos.Clcl false positive (solved)

FYI, Ken_Glasswire hasn’t posted anything here in the forum since earlier this year. Suggest opening a support request directly with Glasswire.

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ah thanks for the link! / info