What is it detecting?

I have been running Glasswire for a few days now - awesome app! I noticed one of my machines in a very small workgroup environment Running Windows 7 64-bit is sitting at the highest level for Host Process for Windows Services at 8.0GB. Glasswire is not running on that machine. I looked at the event viewer and found nothing for the time it said this download occured. Any suggestions what else I can check?

Did you reboot after installing GlassWire? On the final install window it explains that GlassWire may not catch all currently running connections if the computer isn’t rebooted but we don’t want to force users to reboot because so many people tend to hate that.

Yes I rebooted. What I am asking is any ideas what that 8GB is? This is a machine that I only use for keeping my iTunes library and I do not stream from it. What is the Host Process for Windows Services doing, and why is my machine that is running Galsswire recording it? Because that 8GB is going to this machine?

I’m not sure I understand 100%. Are you asking if GlassWire can see network activity on your other machine? It cannot unless you have it installed there and you are using our remote monitor feature.

I guess what I am asking is why is this other machine on my network that doesn’t do much, send 8GB to the machine where Glasswire detected it, and it was done using Host Process for Windows. I didn’t pull any data or copy anything from that machine to the Glasswire machine, so I am stumped as to why it would be detecting that. I love this product and it is obviously helping me, as it’s found this issue. But I am not sure where to go from here, in trying to find out why this machine is sending 8GB to another machine.

Do you use Dropbox with both machines? Sometimes Dropbox sends data directly over the local network. Does the GlassWire graph show what app is sending the data under “apps”?

No Drop Box. The other machine literally only has iTunes on it and my music. I don’t stream at all. Plus wouldn’t Glasswire catch that it was the Dropbox app performing this large file movement?

When GlassWire is installed it says in the last window you should reboot to catch all network activity. Maybe try rebooting and see if GlassWire is missing something? That’s very strange.