What is the release date of the next major update?

Hey guys its been a while i want to know that what is the release date of the next major update that fixes Usage problems?

and plz dont give me any false hopes

What usage problems are you having problems with? Thanks.

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Gee, same question has been plaguing me – next release, that is.

But I think I stumbled on part of the answer:
Servo_GlassWireJul 8
… The changes are top secret. smile
That was from last summer. :smile:

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We have our older version change list here also, just in case you are curious about recent changes:

Servo plz

You guys already know what problem is but if you guys insist i will tell you this is my problem guys

You guys were saying that u will fix those usage issues on your next update
So where are those fixes i am not seeing anything fix at all
When i open usage tab it still’s lag a lot, eating cpu usage a lot
Then why are you guys not doing anything at all**

Let me tell you guys some fixes

Don’t Update Month Tab In Realtime It Will Only Eat Our Memory And Cpu

Don’t Update Week Tab Too In Realtime It Will Only Eat Our Cpu

Only Update The Day Tab On Realtime

So Servo these are the issues i am talking about
its been 8 months and you guys didn’t fix these at all why plz tell me why

Ken my friend in that change-list where are those fixes i told you about

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Yes, we are working hard on improving memory usage significantly and it’s one of our top priorities. I used to post time estimates here but they are usually wrong so I stopped. Please be assured we’re working hard on this and we found a solution, and now we are implementing the solution but we want to make sure it works well for everyone.

Sorry for the delay!

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Ken i have been hearing that’s for 7 months and all of those 7 months you guys said the same thing over and over again

And i really know that you guys have been working hard but guys there is a limit that a person can endure

So tell me how many more approx. days or approx. month you will have to keep me waiting?
plz tell me