What is triggering "while you were away"?

What is exactly triggering GW to issue “while you were away” alerts? Is it lack of a mouse or keyboard input for a certain period of time, or some other kind of system check or polling?

I was checking my alerts tonight and saw several “while you were away” alerts listed that, according to the timestamps, occurred while I was actively using my PC.

Yes, this feature is checking for lack of mouse/keyboard activity. Were you watching a movie or a meeting or something?

You can disable this feature completely in our settings, or make the idle mode longer than 5 minutes.

Thanks for the reply. During the time period in question, I was actually playing a game in full-screen mode using Steam. I did not realize the default idle time for GW was 5 minutes. I also didn’t realize that sitting in the games “lobby” would trigger “while you were away”. Makes sense now that you have confirmed that GW polls for mouse/keyboard inputs.


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