What to try if your 3rd party VPN won't connect

I just bought 360 Total Security and GlassWire. I have an awesome VPN that I got about a week ago and it didn’t want to connect after I let it through the firewall. I tried turning GlassWire off and did every point and click option it has. I went to Windows Firewall settings and tried letting it through that way. It still defied logic and said the VPN can’t connect. I noticed 360 TS has its own VPN so I installed it and like magic it worked. I guess it doesn’t have any VPN settings in it until you install 360 Turbo VPN? I’m just glad everything works. If anyone else has the same problem I hope this will help. :slight_smile:


May I ask the VPN you had trouble with? If it’s Nord there is a fix here Messing DNS and huge conflict with NordVPN

Its VPNsecure. Not the best VPN but I stumbled on a really good deal [$40 for 20 years], unlimited bandwidth, HTTP Proxy and Smart DNS etc… I figured its well worth it regardless. I’ll be an old man in 7296 days when it expires. LoL. :slight_smile: