What Windows antivirus do you use? (2019)

I finally got around to creating a new poll for anti-virus/anti-malware (AV) products running on Windows computers.

If you use GlassWire for Android then try the Android AV poll

Select up to three of these AV publishers:

If you can’t find your publisher in the poll then check “Other” and add a post/reply to tell us the publisher/product name. I apologise but the maximum number of poll options is much less than the number of AV publishers.

Differences from the 2018 Windows AV poll are as follows:

  • One poll instead of four because I now use publishers instead of products which are too many to keep up with, e.g. ESET has at least eleven products, Avast/AVG at least eight, and so on.
  • Three votes as some users have mentioned using three products.
    I could have limited this to online scanners only except there are many useful free offline scanners, e.g. VirusTotal which I’ve chosen to add because it is an AV feature in GlassWire itself.
  • Each vote is now public so others can see what you have voted for.
  • Publishers rather than products. I’ve included those with more than 2% global market share The most useful statistics were from sources like https://metadefender.opswat.com/reports/anti-malware-market-share#!/
    However, none of the sources were entirely satisfactory because they usually omit Windows Defender and appear to be biased towards the US and English-speaking users. So I included Qihoo 360 as the most obvious example of this.
  • I removed polls by license type because of the following reasons:
    • People were confused by the license types. Trialware (paid products with a free trial period) was removed because that confused people. Freeware was removed because, apart from Microsoft and Avast, their products tend to have low market share. Microsoft has the default Windows option which is a magnitude more popular than than the next; and Avast which is nearly a magnitude more popular than any of the rest.
    • I changed to use the publisher names so distinguishing products by license is no longer practical. I only include the antivirus name in parentheses if that is more commonly used without the publisher’s name.

Thank you for the updated poll! Great work! :+1:

I used Qihoo 360 (with Bitdefender & Antivir) but it caused blockages at the start of the PC.
I no longer use antivirus now and protect myself by using Rollback Rx and Glasswire,creating an image and scaning the pc from time to time with MalwareBytes. Each download is also scanned on Virus Total.

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Interesting. So how do you use Glasswire’s firewall?

I’m also interested to know why Malwarebytes is doing so well in the poll? At the moment, half (9/18) voters are using it which is one higher than users of Windows Defender:

  1. Are people paying to use the online scanner or using it as a free offline scanner?

  2. Is it because Malwarebytes is considered to be the best?

P.S. Notes to self:

  • Given so many Malwarebytes users, it may be worthwhile having poll options options for Malwarebytes as an online and an offline scanner.
  • Separate out Avast and AVG as there appears to be enough users even though both brands are owned by the same company.
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Apart from browsers and email clients, no program or process has access without asking for it.
Also, my use of the net is more or less secure because I visit the same sites for years without having had any problems.
About MalwareBytes, i have a premium license and it was/is considered as the best. I do not exclude other scans from time to time …


I use AVG free as a general passive protection so it keeps check on things trying to run and MalwareBytes as an active scanner for the chance that something odd is happening and I need some day1 protection.

I use both just because they are free.
I’ve used AVG for many years and so far it’s been the best user experience for me and it doesn’t matter if it’s not the best.
I started using MB because people said that it’s good and after testing it for a while it was just as easy to use as AVG so I kept it around.

Haven’t seen any real problems so far. I’m an IT guy so I know how to handle safety, but I also need to use the web freely.
AVG blocks some websites that try to redirect me to scammers or stops new programs from running till it runs a check, but that’s really rare. In general I prefer having it so I don’t have to tiptoe around the web and if anything were to pop in it would probably get caught.
Generally MB only found “unwanted program in installer” stuff on my system, but with people who don’t know what they’re doing I can find a bunch of malware whenever I need to check “why is my system so slow?” problems.

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I am using Kaspersky in my office system but in my personal PC I have Avira.

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I am using Webroot, Malwarebytes (life licence) and Heimdal Thor Vigilance.


I use Windows Defender, Malwarebytes, and Emsisoft Internet Security because I’m paranoid. I also have a Sophos NGFW on my gateway which is double NAT’d from the internet behind my Sky Router/Firewall.

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EmsiSoft Anit-Malware


I expect to add Emsisoft to the 2020 poll which I’ll create at the end of the year.

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