When will host blocking be integrated into glasswire

It seems you guys have been working on this since 2015. Are we close to seeing this?


We are working on it, but we want to do it in a way that is usable and useful for everyone involved. Sorry for the delay on this feature.

@Ken_GlassWire Is there any way you can provide a rough ETA? You mentioned it wouldn’t be in v2 in 2016 and we’re over 2 years past that. Are you really having that much trouble actually implementing the feature? Windows Firewall Control can do it and that’s free. I understand GlassWire is a complex application but I fail to understand why the people who put it together can’t manage to push out port/protocol/host-specific blocking with 2-3 years of active development. Is it due to limitations in Windows Firewall and you’re trying to write an entirely new host firewall? I could see that taking a while, but the lack of transparency on this is disconcerting. Any insight you can share would be much appreciated. Thanks Ken.

+1 on being able to block hosts. Really enjoy Glaswire Pro, and having the ability to block both programs and hosts would make it even more incredible.



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