Where did I see this notification?

Four days ago I noticed something from glasswire about a script running in Firefox. I only wrote down that it said: script[DOT]hotjar[DOT]com:443

I can’t remember which screen in Glasswire let me see this. How do I get back to that screen?

  • It looks like the search function is still in development, so I can’t search that way.
  • I feel like I might be getting closer by going through Alerts > Date >

I’m not experienced enough to know if I am in the right place to re-find this notification.

Can anyone direct me to where I should be looking? Thank you so much.


It may not be a script, but instead that was just the subdomain name they have setup to have that name.

It would probably be under usage/apps/firefox/hosts. We are working on building a powerful search feature.

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