Where is Webcam & Mic detection?

Just find out that Webcam & Mic detection is no longer in the monitor list. When did that happen? And is there any road map to re-implement it? Thank you.


Awhile back Windows 10 made some changes to their Webcam/Mic tech that made our ability to detect changes there inconsistent, so we had no choice but to remove this feature. We removed the feature over a year ago.

These technical changes didn’t only cause problems with GlassWire, it caused problems with other applications too and there isn’t anything we can do. Sorry for the problem and of course we’d like to keep this feature if it was possible to do so.

Just for reference, I remember this because I saw same function in Avast. Not sure how they accomplished that, because it’s a paid function and I’m just using free version.


We will check it out!

The problem was that it works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t due to Windows changes. We don’t like to make something that is unreliable or giving false information.

The feature works fine in some versions of Windows but with the latest Windows 10 versions it is not reliable due to changes that were made there that our out of our control.

Understand. Hope you can find something useful by this.

FYI avast isn’t safe and with recent updates its near impossible for the option to provide viable information. https://www.onlineprivacytips.co/comparison/bitdefender-vs-avast/