Which is my device?

Hello! :wave:
I’ve been a little bit worried about my network security for a while and I am having trouble pinpointing one of the devices in the Things list.

When I did this scan, I only had my laptop on and connected to the internet, so I am having trouble understanding what localhost is. I thought this was the device I was connected through? (I am not ruling out the possibility that there was a wifi-capable device in my house that I forgot to turn off).
I’m not a techie, so if anyone’s ever run into something similar, please feel free to chip in! :grin:

Sorry for the issue.

Is your laptop a Samsung device, or does it use a Samsung network card?

It’s an ASUS, the third device on the list. That’s where the confusion stems from.

Is it important you keep your old history? If you uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then reinstall our software with “clean install” checked, does it still show this device? I thought maybe there could be a database corruption issue. A clean install would solve it.

Do you have a Samsung smart TV. I only have LG tvs and they Identify themselves as LG when connected (not localhost), but I have noticed that one of the newer ones seems to remain connected even when turned off with the remote (the red LED remains on) .

Do you have a FireStick plugged into it? That will cause it to stay on even if the TV is off. :grinning: