"While you were away" activity

This morning I was checking my GW logs/alerts and I noticed that I had received an alert that told me that my DNS had changed sometime around 01:30am. The next alert in the “while you were away” list occurred at 04:30am and told me that “Internet Connection Now Available” with a green plug icon next to the verbiage in the alert.

The problem with this is that I was binge watching one of my favorite series on Netflix during this time and I never noticed a loss of internet service.

How is it possible that GW can issue alerts for a DNS change and internet service restoration, without issuing an alert that my internet service had stopped in the first place?

I’ve had that happen to me. You can go into settings and turn it off if you want. [While you were away] I had to turn mine off because it was driving me nuts! Maybe somebody can explain it that knows what’s going on. :grinning:

Sorry for the issue. Were you watching Netflix on that device, or a different device?

Did the DNS change show what the DNS was before and after the change? It usually shows it in the alert itself.

I was watching Netflix on this device, which is my PC. It is a wired connection directly to my router/modem.

The alert shows only the “old” DNS IP. It does not show what IP it supposedly changed to.

What is odd - is that according to the timestamps, my DNS changed at 01:30am, yet the alert for restoration of my internet connection occurred at 04:30. But my streaming on Netflix was never affected during this time.

DNS changes should be initiated by my ISP, correct?

DNS changes can also be initiated by your PC itself.

If you go to our top left menu and choose “About”, what version of GlassWire do you have? A very old version used to have a DNS alert bug.

Some days I have 2 DNS alerts when I turn on my laptop. It is not systematic.
The @ IP indicated in these alerts are the same.These alerts could be called false positives.

I have already reported this to GW.


I am using version 2.3.374

I was under the impression that any DNS changes made by my PC required human input in terms of settings…etc. Is this no longer true?

You could join a different WiFi network, and this would give you a new DNS server. Or, you could install a toolbar or an app could install a toolbar that changes your DNS

It does not require your input necessarily.