Whitelist application IP access

I’m interested in signing up to a paid version but I have a couple of questions I’ve not been able to answer so far from reading the forum.

I have a game that can access multi-user servers and I want to limit it to approved sites. If I set Windows firewall up to deny access by default for outgoing connections is there a further method WireGlass can help with to allow me to setup a list of approved IP addresses for one aplication?

Secondly, does Glasswire only allow Windows Admin accounts to change it’s settings? Or does it use a different mechanism?

Thanks for the help!

Thanks for considering upgrading your GlassWire to Basic, Pro, or Elite. If you want to monitor remote servers you can actually try this before buying with the free version, but it’s limited to one server.

Unfortunately GlassWire can’t block hosts yet, so we can’t block your IP addresses. GlassWire does use the Windows admin prompt to block changes to certain settings. You can try this in the free version by going to the top left GlassWire menu and choosing “Settings” then clicking a lock icon before changing the setting.