Who the F@@@ is in charge at Glasswire

I’ve tried everything to get my Glasswire to work properly. In usage I get No Current Usage and I have removed the program and restarted multiple times.
Apparently you dont respond to emails, and now I am being billed for an account that doesnt expire for another 142 days.
Please tell me how the hell to get in touch someone. Thank you

Hello @davej,

I am the Freak in charge at GlassWire and I can help. Our contact page is here.

Did you email and not get a response? If so could you check your spam folder? I am all caught up at the helpdesk currently and we also check our spam (of course) and I don’t see any emails we missed.

I would suggest uninstalling GlassWire in add/remove programs, then rebooting, then reinstalling using our “clean install” option. Did it solve it?

If not try these tips https://www.glasswire.com/faq/#glasswire-cant-connect-local-server

Sorry for the issue, and as you can see from the forum we are actually very responsive and I take pride in my work on this project. I am sorry to hear you think we ignored you.


It’s good to see that your honest concern to support us users is matched by such an honest apology for an intemperate outburst: