Why am I seeing these devices connect and disconnect every 5 mins?

Why In the last 2 days am I getting flooded with devices connecting and disconnecting every 5 mins?!?

Some of these devices are hardwired and are absolutely not disconnecting. So WHY?

The GlassWire team might have some ideas but the rest of us probably won’t be able to help unless you provide more information. For example, do all other devices disconnect? Does your router disconnect, if you have one? Do the devices all disconnect at the exactly same time or is there a sequence of disconnections?

Five minutes (300 seconds) is a common interval for network monitoring so do you have any other network monitoring software operating?

Five minutes is also the interval for some default network and security settings in Windows. So which version of Windows are you using? Are you using a domain controller?

FYI, a disconnection can be logical and not just physical as when a cable is disconnected. An example of a disconnection that did not involve the cable would be if I disabled my network adapter driver. This would produce a disconnection because the network adapter would stop communicating. If GlassWire monitors network connection by listening for transmissions then it will notice that any communication from that network adapter has stopped. If GlassWire polls each device then it would it would not receive any response to an acknowledgement request.


This device notification feature is off by default. So if you’re asking if you can disable these notifications completely you can go to settings/security “network device monitor” then uncheck “report all devices” and switch it to “report only new unknown devices” or just turn off the notification completely.

If you’re asking why some of the devices are disconnecting when they shouldn’t be, please give us more details and we’ll try to recreate and fix this. Could there be some major latency between you and the hardwired devices?