Why can't I block apps in the Alerts Tab or Notification popups?

Hello, I had to reinstall windows on my pc and the previous Glasswire app allowed me to block programs in the “alerts” tab or directly from the notification popups. After reinstalling Glasswire’s latest update I no longer have the option to block via popup notifications or anywhere in the “Alerts” tab. Am I missing something, did they remove this feature in the latest update? This was my favorite Glasswire feature.

When I click on a line in the “Alerts” screen this window opens and you can normally block the app.

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That’s how it worked for me before, it doesn’t give me that option anymore. I have the paid version, but my “alert” page looks different than before and I don’t have that “Block App” button on the notification popups or the alert page when you click on each line. It’s almost as if a setting is off, or for some reason I have the wrong version of the app?


Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?