Why cant i find a Real Impressum for this Site/Company on this Website?

Hello Glasswire Team!

I am wondering why i can not found a full impressum for your Company on this website?.
I not know the regulares for Buissness Websites in US, but we in germany must have a complete impressum on buissness pages. This makes me personaly a little bit misstrusty for the Intentions
you are have with Distributing your Software. Sure your programm have a nice look and good
functions too, but in this times of nsa overwatch scandals it also can be a Backdoor Software.

second thing is that i also have the BSOD Problem with Avast 2015 Suite and i found it strange that you are forces users to contact you for a special fixed version. if you have fixed that problem then you should release a new version for all.

mfg Goodfather

Edit: seems that are many open questions…not only for me. Check this Post!


Thank you for your feedback.

I think an “About us” page with more details about GlassWire is a great idea. The company is based in Texas, USA and this can be confirmed by the Symantec seal at the top right of our index page. Symantec requires verification before giving out a seal so it’s more accurate than any “impressum” that can easily have false info.

GlassWire was posted on the Hacker News website and it got voted to the front page with over 1,000 votes. We were very excited about being upvoted on Hacker News. Jon answered questions from other people about GlassWire https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8222652. You’re welcome to read the entire thread and it has all the details. I don’t think there is anything negative about it.

We were able to fix the BSOD due to help from users in this forum and other users who emailed us or contacted us on Twitter. Due to help from users we plan to have an update out this week or early next week. I am sorry you had a crash due to the problem and I hope you’ll try the next release when it’s out soon.

Thanks again for your patience with the bug and your feedback about more transparency. We take all user feedback seriously and we hope to continue to improve GlassWire.

Thanks for your prompt and detailed Reply…

The link to entire thread on ycombinator was helpful. I go strait with you that an about or impressum makes your webpräsens looks more reputable and its good to hear that the Avast BSOD is fixed.

Can you gave us a little statement about collecting data in your Software?
Is there any data collection in your software and second which data will be collected? As far i know, US Companys can forced by Law/Gouverment Institutions (patriot act) to
cooperate and release collected datasets (for instance visited Web domains, serverhosts, ip connectivity and so on)

and a last little question about the fabulous realtimechart-UI? Is it an own developed solution or use you a library for that. if yes which library is it? For me it looks like an WPF Chartsolution???

with best regards

Goodfather :slight_smile:

Our privacy policy is here https://www.glasswire.com/privacy/ and it explains that we never have access to your graph data because it never leaves your computer. If we were forced to release your graph data by the government there would be nothing to release since we never have access to your graph data at all.

We use QT for the UI.