Why does the Windows version not have a dark theme yet?

WTFFFFFF… Half-joking Hyperbole aside… seriously why? Almost 2019 and it’s still the same horrible bright-white theme with no major difference in color scheme.

I own Glasswire Elite on Windows, yet had to buy the $0.99 dark theme for Android. It’s a dollar, whatever, but why the f… does the Windows version still not have a proper dark theme cause your 90’s white background is horrible and blinding. Every single app on my system has a dark theme. Yours does not. Please rectify.

Windows uses different technology than Android for the UI. The Windows app came out in 2014 and people often asked for a black theme, so we started off working on one for Android (for the Android launch) as people requested.

We have been working a lot on a dark theme lately for Windows even though it’s very complicated… so please be on the lookout. :slight_smile:

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You already said that you are working on a dark theme about a year ago in the Steam discussions.
Can’t you just build in an option to invert the colors of the whole UI?
We really need a dark UI for the PC!
I’m using GW Elite and GW Android with the “Hekla Volcano” theme.

All my programs on my left screen are dark and then there is glasswire killing my eyes.

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(Using GW Elite and GW Android.)

I second that. Not that I hover in the dark underworld of Steam. :wink:

But that it might alleviate distaste for the middle school Unicorns, rainbow & My Miss Kitty pallets in the current skins choices. This is my eleventeenth and a quarter times of commentary on this over the years I’ve used GW.

Orlok & Ellen is the only choice to that end but still, the white dominant design is overwhelming. Not faulting the developers here as the wasted space, white & mono color space modern/metro/millennial UI is what is crowd correct and kudos driven.

But for the colors…

Looking forward to the dark theme. Cheers.

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Good news, our next update will have at least one dark theme! I haven’t tried it yet so it won’t be this month, but hopefully next.

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I don’t want it to be left unsaid your efforts are unappreciated. I have a relatively pricey media ripping/conversion application which recently needed a fix update as users reported, of the several bundled themes, when either of two was selected and a specific task, and only that, was evoked, the task failed. Fortunately I stuck with the default theme and noticed that issue in the change log.

I didn’t know themes are now so critically entangled. Well, that’s progress!

Thanks for all your work.