Why has GW stopped recording my usage since yesterday?

I have GW 1.2.79 on Win 10 Pro.

I’ve been using GW for about 3 weeks. Nice program.

My normal daily usage is about 1GB. So far today, after 3 hours surfing and YouTube streaming, usage is “0 B”. I haven’t altered any GW settings. Snooze is “Off”

My ISP usage shows 76 MB. Normally, ISP usage is less than GW usage, because ISP usage is updated only about once per hour.

If I switch to “Week” view, I can see that usage stopped yesterday around 16:00. I was actually surfing till about 22:00/

Can anyone explain why my GW usage is 0?



It sounds like our service crashed for some reason. Can you uninstall GlassWire, then reinstall our latest version with the “clean” installation option?


That worked fine. Thanks :slight_smile: