Why is my ISP showing more data used than GW?

Why is my ISP showing more data used than GW?

GlassWire can only see the data from the PC it is installed on. Are more devices than your PC accessing your network?

Yes plenty, two PC’s, iPhones, Samsung phones, smart TV’s etc

The router from my ISP is the starting point into my PC, after that everything is using my wifi

In other words, my router is the starting point, I assume everything that happens after the router on wifi will be “picked up”

For the past week my ISP shows 19GB more usage than GW, actually we have done nothing this past week to have used so much data - I am worried that ISP is using"" data behind my router?

Please HELP
ISP to Router
Router via LAN cable to my PC
PC access to data via LAN cable
via Wi-Fi, the following
3 smart phones
2 Samsung smart TV’s
Wi-Fi booster
another PC
another iMac

Is all this data captured by GW???

No, GlassWire can only see the data of the devices it is installed on. GlassWire can tell you all the devices connected on your network and alert you if a new unknown device joins that’s accessing your WiFi.

Thank you, then how many devises can I install onto with my licence ?

And can all the data usage from these various devices be seen as one on my PC?

GlassWire can currently only run on a Windows PC. You can monitor multiple Windows PCs remotely like this https://www.glasswire.com/userguide/#Remote_Monitoring and you can monitor one remote PC with our free software so you can test before buying.

GlassWire Basic works on 1 PC, Pro on 3, and Elite on 10.


My ISP is showing a lot more data usage than GW. I’m only using my desktop on my network. About 30% difference.

Are you 100% sure no other devices are on the network? If you go to the “Network” tab is there anything else listed there?

Do you have a smart TV, IP camera for example or any other devices that are downloading updates?

If you go to GlassWire “block all” mode for a few hours, or even a day does your ISP still show usage? These are some things you may want to investigate.

Also, if you haven’t rebooted after installing GlassWire please do so. In some rare cases GlassWire can miss some connections if you don’t reboot after installing it.

Thanks for the reply. No only my PC. When I block everything no data is used.I’m out in the bush and I’m using a 3G modem to connect. Ive attached some screen shots.


Here is an article about how we track data usage https://blog.glasswire.com/2016/06/15/glasswire-network-monitoring-accuracy/.

I wonder if the modem itself could be downloading updates somehow? Is the date and time you are testing against identical to the date and time on the modem? Perhaps it’s an hour or, or in a different time zone that they are using?