Why isnt this available at router level

… all router firmware is such a botch job in this regard. Develop gw as a plugin for pfsense or as a standalone router os please thx bye


Yes, we’d like to do this for sure. Why do you feel PFSense is the way to go? We’re trying to learn more currently.

@Chaka_Deng, I’m interested to hear your reasons too.

Anyway, here’s my perspective.

pfSense differs from WRT-derived OS (DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Tomato) because it doesn’t try to shoehorn itself into consumer router hardware where performance can be compromised by running ancillary features. These routers all run fine with routing and an SPI firewall but there was often a marked slowdown when I added in features like bandwidth monitoring & reporting, anti-spam/phishing or anti-virus.

Of the many free options for router/firewall software, I much prefer and have used FreeBSD-based pfSense and, more lately, the competing linux-based Untangle. Both are the free options for commercial products so there is always good support if you are prepared to pay for it. They also have embeddable versions, although the primary use case is PCs with multiple NICs installed.

pfSense has many of the features that users of GlassWire are looking for with packages for bandwidth monitoring, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing, etc. Documentation could do with considerable improvement but there are many users so it is easy to get help from many different websites. Where I live, pfSense users will even help for free by coming to my house - not that have I presumed upon their generosity but other people have needed to.

Untangle doesn’t have the same breadth of free features but it has a better user interface and is generally easier to use.

Then, if neither suits, there are a few other free options which might. Perhaps OpnSense the true open source fork of pfSense.

Coincidentally, I had just stopped using such systems when I first tried GlassWire. Not that GlassWire is better, but just that I’m winding down my technical involvement in IT and no longer run my own servers at home.



Thanks for that detailed info!

Or maybe even a hardware appliance with router, GlassWire, and your choice of VPN pre-installed. Sign me up!

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Just chiming in here for my support at the router level too.

This kind of functionality at that level would sway my decision when purchasing i don’t mind paying a subscription to access to this when integrated at my router.

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@Remah Hit that nail right on the head :smiley: agreed!

For me personally I run DD-WRT which fits all of my needs, and the application does more than what I was looking for which is excellent. I love the mobility factor of the app, goes with me everywhere to help keep my system safe.

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Users may not able to solve or fix up the setup and configuration of Printer with a MAC OS based system.

You could probably implement this rather easily by writing a module that collects SNMP info, converts them to GW format and stores them. That would be fairly independent of the OS platform I think. I am not too sure exactly how large the delay would be in that case, though.


Thanks for the information.

pfsense is an opensource firewall, If it gets installed in the router for the security purposes then there would an issue in opening multiple sites as the firewall will certainly block multiple sites if necessary. I had to visit router to have a clear idea about the solution. I know pfsense will increase the security in the router but it will be tough to handle

Totally agree a gw plugin is a must required thing for pfsense users