Why the current version close the function of realtime statistics of network traffic

the first version,such as 1.1.15b, can supply real-time statistics of traffic flux in Usage.But now, it update the the statistics of traffic flux in 60 sec. I want to know why close the function

We had to make some changes to decrease memory usage.
This is just one of the changes we made.

For some users (like me),who do not care about the memory usage,they may feel a pity to lose the function.Because,users can see which ips do the apps connect to intuitively.how about adding the options for users to choose the interval time.
thanks for your reply

Yes, we agree with you 100%. We are currently having long discussions about this issue and we’re continuing to work on ways to improve the “Usage” tab so it updates every second instead of using a short time interval. Unfortunately it’s not easy to do so, but we hope to figure it out in the future.
You can click to a different tab and click back to make it update more quickly, but of course that’s not optimal.