WI FI connection

Hi just upgraded to paid version
I have a Router
Can only see Main computer
Cannot see my WI FI connections. ie ipad or Sky television ?

Can you try rebooting your computer with GlassWire, then check again?

Hi Ken
Yes Rebooted still the same.
My WI FI has a password do i need to enter this somewhere ?

Can you tell me how your network is set up? Are the other devices connected to the same router you’re on?

Hi Ken
First I’m not an expert but this is what I have.
One Router that’s physically connected to main computer.
Ipad connected over Wi Fi from the same Router
Sky TV connected over Wi Fi from the same Router

when I download on computer I see high network activity on graph
when I download a Film on Sky TV I don’t see anything
when I download from internet on the Ipad I don’t see anything

GlassWire can only monitor the computer it is installed on. The “Network” tab should show you the other devices that are attached but unfortunately due to the way networks work we can’t see the traffic from those other devices.

On my “Network” tab I only see 1 device, Netgear Local Area Connection (My Router), no other devices are showing.
Ipad and Sky Television are connected to Router over Wi Fi.

I’ll discuss with our development team and see if they have an idea why this might happen.

Is it possible your router is configured so your other devices are on a separate network from the computer GlassWire is installed on? When you go to your Windows network settings do you see the other devices listed there or not?

No I only see
This Computer - Network - Internet

What kind of router are you using?

Hi its a
Netgear DG834PN

Any help please ?
its just the same as Free version

We discussed this and the only thing we can figure out is that your router is configured in a way that it’s not possible to see what is connected to it. Can you check the router settings and see if it can be configured differently to allow the ability to see what’s on the network?

Hi Ken
Had a thought, before I start looking at Router settings would these cause the issue ?
My WiFi is password protected
My Computer is encrypted with windows BitLocker

Your WiFi should be password protected for sure and BitLocker should make no difference also. Do you use any other software that could be blocking you from accessing the network with Windows network settings?

I too, can only see 2 or three of the connections on my network.

Hello Gunny, did you see the devices under Windows networking also? What type of router do you use?

I have two Amazon Fire TV, and one NEST themometer devices on my network. Glasswire doesn’t detect these, but does see the 5 Computers on the network.


Looking at windows network & sharing centre.
Network Discovery set to off
Could this be a problem ?