WiFi Evil Twin Alert

My main computer on which Glasswire is running is a wired connection.

It does have wireless capability, which is active, though it is my understanding when both are present, the wired connection is that which is used.

In the Alerts area of Glasswire i now show a "WiFi Evil Twin Alert, with a new MAC address that ends in “DB” (“You connected to a WiFi access point with a new MAC address:”), whereas except for the very last character, the address is the same as that which is printed on the back of my Verizon router (ending in D8).

Going back to the Glasswire tabs and checking “Things”, i see my FIOS Router with the correct MAC address (ending in D8).

I do not find anything in “Things” ending with DB, including when i re-scan and switch to the “All” view.

Running Windows 11, i just turned WiFi OFF in settings, as a precautionary move, though i don’t know if that is of any meaning.

What should i do next?

just a hunch but it could be that your AP has 2 frequencies… 2.4ghz mac and 5ghz mac are close…(they would/should be different)
loginto your device and check the mac addresses of your ap (and both 2.4/5ghz)

Many thanks!!!

Pretty much the first thing i did (log into the AP and check) but the dang thing is so confusing i could only find one MAC.

I’ll keep trying and give them a call if all else fails.

Seemed weird to me as to how close they were so i thought along the lines you do, but also seemed weird that it just happened so recently after having Glasswire running for a few weeks now-

somewhat related but to give you some closure there is a lot of strange technical things going on right now in the world of technology and I personally think it has a lot to do with Russia. But nobody is talking or at least I hear nobody talking but feel something is up even with my own online radio streaming server, the last time my caniadian host’s computer acted somewhat normal was December 21 2022, if what glasswire is telling me is correct I could have had over 125,000 listerner a few weeks ago “at the same time” but my host is calling me nuts. Something is off