Will Glasswire tell me total gb usage on one PC?

Hello, I have had the free version of Glasswire on one hp pavilion running Windows 7. For several months Glasswire shows a usage of about 5gb per month.

Verizon Wireless broadband(g4 network) shows usage of about 10-12gb per month. No other device on the Verizon account. I thought someone must be accessing wifi so changed password. No change, Glasswire and verizon reports still different by about 5-6gb per month. Switched to my Sprint wireless broadband card. The months I used that older broadband (g3 network) show about 10 gb usage reported by sprint. Glasswire shows about 3.8gb. Still no other device on this sprint account.

The computer is used for email, ebay, surfing websites and very, very rarely to open youtubes sent in emails. no other streaming, gaming or downloading except updates.

So why the diff between glasswire reports and the broadband services? I have run malware bites, avast anti virus and others, I find adware and remove, still no change in usage. Is someone somehow using my computer for processing and Glasswire not show it?


@teacher545 Please go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” and let me know what version you’re using.

Did you reboot after installing GlassWire? We warn in the installer that GlassWire may not pick up all network activity until you reboot, but we don’t force the reboot.

If you go to the “Usage” tab and then look at the top left under “Options” do you see that it’s set to “Incoming & Outgoing” and “External”?

Thanks Ken,

I have ver 1.1.41b

Computer has been restarted many times since the install several months ago.

Usage tab, options show a check in both incoming/ outgoing and external/local traffic.

We have been monitoring several months and each month Glasswire shows 5.8gb or less usage. Each month either Sprint or Verizon wirless – we have two accounts to switch with-- show 10gb or more.

This is the only device on the account (either sprint or Verizon at a period of time more than a month – we switched between accounts every few months trying to fined the usage.

can send u a screen shot of the usage if it helps – to an email account not the post.

Please email us or private message me the “Usage” tab over the last 30 days if you feel comfortable doing so.