Will improve the performance of the app in windows?

Suggest new features and other improvements for GlassWire.

Hello. I have an i7 7700 and when I open the app consume around the 13 to 17% of the CPU. To high !!
When is hided in the task bar the consumption it’s around 1%. But I need it open for check some in/out coming traffic with my work.
The high consumption is the Chart tab but in the traffic tab, things tab and firewall tab have a significant low consumption (around 7 or 8%).

I already uninstall several times and re install it. Not only from the control panel, also deleting the files manually https:// www.glasswire . com/userguide/#Uninstall_GlassWire making the best fresh install I can do… but the high consumption persist…

Other thing is the minimum size of the app. I set every day with a width of 890px (the max width of my monitor (yes, i have it portrait)) and the app don’t remember the width but yes the height (525px) every time I start the computer (and auto-start the app).

I have the version 2.1.140 and I bought the elite plan. I have windows 10 up to day (Version 1809)

Screenshot: https:// imgur. com /WumNZmR

Thanks for your feedback.

In most cases GlassWire doesn’t use many resources. I use GlassWire myself all the time of course and I’m sensitive about resource usage myself, so I appreciate your concern.

We plan to add some future options to GlassWire that will make it use significantly less resources than it even does now.