Will steam paid versions lack features / be gimped compared to yearly paid versions

I have concerns that the steam version will lack features or will be not supported when 3.0/4.0 etc… comes out and there will be something like “Glasswire 3.0 on steam” so we will have to spend another 99$ on steam or something to encourage users to go yearly or not get updates

On steam glasswire referenced a “steam version” but did not elaborate on how this version would differ. Would it lack features? Be an older version? Or would it have all the same features but focus towards gaming extras improvements.

Last thing we will be able to use existing steam keys for future versions such as 3.0 / 4.0 to download off the Glasswire dot com site instead of downloading through steam. Currently we can plug the steam key into the application downloaded off this website because its cross compatible will this continue with future versions or will steam be 100% separate.

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When we released GlassWire 2.0 our 1.0 users got a free upgrade.

“This major update is a free upgrade for 1.0 paid users, and for free users GlassWire now includes a fully unlocked free 7 day trial!”

We’re still discussing how the Steam upgrade will work, but I don’t know why we’d treat our Steam customers differently than our customers here. We have always treated both Steam customers and GlassWire.com customers in a positive way.


Would appreciate how this will span out for steam user’s . Is there any decision made and how does steam user be on v3 or above be it any type of users basic/pro/elite. Do they get the same benifits


Steam users are treated the same still today as the post above.

My Query would be do they get v3 and above as given for v2 from v1. Is there any limitation other than the type of purchase say basic/pro/elite


We have no version 3.

Let me ask this way will be future version be up-gradable for the steam users as they get 2.0 current one.

We have no plans to make anything work differently than I know of.

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