Win 10 Password fail?

Hi have upgraded to Window 10 and it seems the password i purchased no longer works ?

Email our helpdesk with your order info and I’ll take care of it.

Thanks, have you the Email Address please

It’s on the bottom right of this page. Sorry for the confusion! We change our email sometimes so I don’t like to post it in the forum because people may use it in the future and it won’t work anymore.

Many thanks for your help all is good now :relaxed:

I can also see two networks is that Win 10 or have you fixed something ?

Where do you see two networks?


For Information:

I have discovered that now on Windows 10 whilst using the “News” App if it plays a Video GlassWire alerts me to a second network ( BSkyB Local Area Connection)

Could it be in the background its checking if any other devices to be connected ?

I reset the password but no verification email received.


Are you talking about our forum? Our software has no password.

create a login again

select login and then create account.

I had to do that and was able to get in