Windows 10 2004 - Glasswire Control Service 25% CPU Usage

I tried uninstalling to perform a new clean install but i get a BSOD whenever i try to uninstall. Please advise.


Do you see any .dmp files on your desktop? If so could you email it to us so we can investigate the cause of the issue?

Please use a cloud service like Google Drive.

Config might help too. I’ve not seen this issue on my PC.

It is happening on some on my hosts since the beginning of my usage of glasswire 1&1/2 year ago.
We didn’t succeed in determine the cause with the support here, but we suspect it has to do with a multiplicity of factor =>
kaspersky solutions

  • bitlocker
  • low-end devices where the cpu bottleneck rapidly.

So it’s not surprising to see it in other customers.
@Ricardo_Garrido since you mention 25% I guess it’s a laptop with a dual core like an intel U series correct ?

The more people that can share their PC specs and crash dumps, the better odds of isolating and fixing this problem.