Windows 10--Another shock!

Didnt think it could get any worse ?? Microsoft it is/has/and Will download Win 10 -even if you have chosen not to upgrade or download -6GB will be installed in a HIDDEN folder -look for $ Windows.–BT or similar . You might need to enable =show hidden folders in the folders option . The reason even with all the hype of "millions of users " downloading Win 10 it is still a "drop in the ocean " Worldwide they are scared when the true figures come out it will show most sticking to Win 7 . You have been warned !

they really spiced it with turning off updates on Win10, but it can be done… hey, better to manually install Win10 Ent, than to automatically install Win10 Home or Pro… :computer:

Remember if you are using -One Drive Cloud Storage this is a big spy app in itself you can remove it from your computer in Command Prompt . Also if you want more privacy as Windows apps contain spyware change your Windows account to Local , yes you lose access to windows apps but that is not the end of the World. I recommended =O+OShutUp10 for a reason-its lightweight-non-install and NO-PUPS. Do Not Spy 10 has been recommended by some this COMES with PUPS !