Windows 10 GlassWire firewall problems (blocking issues)

Hi I have been using glasswire for a long time and everything was fine. I have a problem: the firewall does not block and applications connect happily even if they are blocked. I did a clean installation and the problem persists. It’s probably been a long time but I’ve noticed it until today. Does anyone have a similar problem. Thank you in advance for any feedback.

The ALL block does not work either :pensive: :pensive:


Sorry for the issue! That’s not good. Does this forum post solve the issue for you? Please check.

Could you post a screenshot of a blocked application receiving traffic - all glasswire effectively does is create rules for the Windows firewall to use to accept or deny traffic - Glasswirre itself does not filter traffic out to my knowledge.

I have already solved the problem. It was a VPN service. I changed the network driver for the VPN service from TAP to TUN / beta /. Not everything works properly again and glasswire blocks it.Thanks all

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