Windows 10 - Unknown guest logging in

I need some help. I have been stalked by this person for roughly 4-5 years where she will literally add herself to every equipment I have. I’ve changed my modem, purchased dozens of malware, trojanware, anti-spy wear, vpn and my dns and ip address is still saved as this persons thru some port to include her as a host. I just purchased glass wire and like clock work I cannot activate my subscription. I would like help with downloading the newest app - and placing a notification where I have another host. Can anyone help?

I don’t see a telephone number for technical support so I thought I start here.


Our contact page is here for private support Thank you for purchasing GlassWire.

For the issue you are having, have you tried reinstalling Windows?

You can download the newest GlassWire here then run the application from where you download it. Next follow the instructions in your order email to activate your software. If you have any issues please email me and I’ll help.

Here is our get started guide with step by step instructions

Thanks and I hope your issue will be solved soon.

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Goodness! I should have contacted you sooner!!! I will follow these steps. Thank you! I was able to update/upgrade by subscription with you.

If you need further help I’d be happy to walk you through reinstalling Windows 10 and getting some quality security to work alongside Glasswire.


Well thanks for sharing this …I was struggling with a similar problem since a very long time…thankfully it is resolved now…Really thankful to you.! :slight_smile:

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