Windows 10 won't proper shutdown

hi, i’ve using Glasswire on 2 laptop running windows 10, both stuck on shutdown, the screen is off, but the power never shutdown. and when try to restart it go to shutdown.
when i remove the glasswire its can shutdown & restart normal, what’s the problem?


Do you use any other third party security software besides GlassWire? Our team is also using Windows 10 and we cannot reproduce this, plus we have never seen anyone else report this. What Windows 10 version are you using and is there anything unusual installed on your PC?

GlassWire should have no ability to stop a shut down or restart.

Thanks for your report.

now using windows 10 build 1607, antivirus is build in Windows Defender,
2nd laptop is using kaspersky, now have glasswire removed.

i have a equivalent probleme, Windws 10 restart periodicaly (only when GlsWire is instaled). Every 30 or 60 minutes.
I have W10 pro 64bits 16-07 an Eset Smat security.
Best regard


Do you see any .dmp files on your desktop? If so could you email them to us using a cloud link service?

If you use Nahimic software please upgrade it and the problem should go away.