Windows 11 ready?

Is the current (or an upcoming) release ready for Windows 11?

I honestly don’t see it being an issue - as anything running on Windows 10 is going to run on Windows 11. Even the major.minor numbers are similar - 10.0.xxxxx

ive been running windows 11 on my desktop rig & surface pro and no issues with Glasswire, in place upgrade and everything working perfectly fine!

@krevvy Thanks for testing! I’m glad it’s working well.

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I expected it’s be working fine. What I’m not sure of is why there hasn’t been a final build number announced.

That is,

  • 10.0.19043 = Windows 10 21H1
  • 10.0.2XXXX = Windows 11

I’m honestly eager for the release. I just don’t have any test machines I can use.

We have had one user on Twitter ask if we can make the corners of our user interface rounded to match Windows 11. We are now investigating how to do that, while hopefully still keeping the Windows 10 style corners as is for Windows 10 users.

Sounds like you are in the same boat I am, needing to wait for the final build/version numbering like my example above.

i believe that .194 is the final release version, shows on mine as

the corners are already rounded for me without doing anything

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Looks great @krevvy !

Now on Windows 11 with no issues.

Honestly a bit disappointed that they have the build as 10.0.22000.194. Should have at least been a 10.1.

Looking at it though, and interestingly enough it’s being called 21H2 by Microsoft as well.

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Yeah if you system meets the Windows 11 Requirement then you can easily Upgrade to Windows 11 without any issue :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you should update your drivers - especially graphics, and also run sfc /scannow.

What programs are you having animation issues in? If they’re not Microsoft programs it’s up to the developers to resolve these issues and the upgrade from 10 to 11 has brought problematic code to the surface.