Windows Explorer Crashing

Just curious. Has anyone here dealt with Windows Explorer frequently crashing after enabling Glasswire’s ask-to-connect mode? My current hypothesis is that some Windows component isn’t liking being blocked by the firewall, but I haven’t done much digging yet. It’s just a minor annoyance.

I won’t likely have time to really dig into it for another week or so. Just thought I’d see if others have had this experience and if so, what they’ve done about it.

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I watch uninstall reasons, the helpdesk, and the forum carefully and I don’t recall ever seeing this reported. Does your Windows Explorer have any custom software/settings with it or anything unusual?

What OS version are you using? Can you try running all Windows update and see if it continues?

Crashing Windows Explorer would be horrible behavior, so if we were causing this we’d make it a top priority to put out a fix. Also our entire team uses Windows Explorer all the time and if we were crashing while using it we’d be very upset ourselves.

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I’ve been assuming that the problem is related to some Windows component that I chose not to allow access through the firewall. It SOUNDS like you guys don’t think this is the case.

I’m running Windows 10 Pro. I’m currently avoiding updating Windows until after the busy work season (when I absolutely need my computer working reliably). Late-month, I should be able to catch up on updates and experiment. Sorry I can’t do more before then.

Windows Explorer IS restarting itself each time it crashes (only a minor annoyance - it’s not like I’m having to manually restart it). The behavior just happened to start after upgrading to Glasswire Pro recently. It’s POSSIBLE that I missed some other change, but I’ve been trying to avoid changing much else 'til after Christmas. I’d been hoping that this was a common problem with a simple fix. Since it seems unusual, I’ll have to look into it when work calms down a bit in a week or so.

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See any .dmp files on your desktop after the crash? GlassWire should leave one if it’s responsible.

I have been running GlassWire with all Windows versions in mostly Ask to connect mode, and during this time I used Windows Explorer heavily and I never saw this problem. Our team has never seen it either so I doubt it’s GlassWire.

After the Holidays try updating Windows and see if the problem disappears.

Nope. No .dmp files directly in the Desktop folder - just in a “Dropbox” subfolder (not related to the online service by the same name) containing files from another machine I’d been working on. If they go directly into the user’s desktop, they’re not there.

It’s entirely possible that I’m barking up the wrong tree as no one else seems to have had this experience.

Thank you for your assistance! I really appreciate it. Like I said, I’ll try updating Windows and digging more into it when I get a chance after Christmas.

Ahh. I finally got around to looking further into the problem. Sure enough, it wasn’t Glasswire, but another program I’d installed (and forgotten, having stopped using it shortly after installation). It was the other software causing the problems (even when I’d believed it to be closed).

Once again, thank you for your help though! I’m loving Glasswire so far. I’ve missed having an ask-first firewall ever since I got rid of my old one back in the day, upgrading from Windows XP to 7. (The nameless old software had some compatibility issues at first, and then started doing things like popping up ads - a sure way to make me get rid of a program.) Glasswire is by far the best thing I’ve found since (or before) then.

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