Windows firewall + GlassWire

Hello, this might seem as an unnecessary question, but, should GlassWire be run at the same time as windows firewall or should I disable windows firewall and set GlassWire as default firewall?

GlassWire works with Windows firewall and actually uses the Windows API so you should leave Windows firewall alone as is.

I use Emsisoft Internet Security which has it’s own firewall, and I think disables Windows firewall.
Will Glasswire interfere with this or cause conflicts?
Edit: I see the GW firewall is currently off (though information is being shown on that tab) …

Ok, cheers for the quick answer. I’ll leave it on then.

Much as I would like GW to have its own firewall but I realize its not going to happen in answer to your post Windows Firewall wasnt designed to just protect one app MS designed it to protect the whole Windows System so if you like me have another comprehensive firewall then Windows should be turned off .In my case its disabled completely by me but MS have obviously accepted my whole protection program (paid for ) and have Totally integrated it into Windows programming even to the extent of the Trusted Installer /System etc being in the inner permissions (second layer ) so in reality my firewall is now Windows firewall but that does not mean it can be used by GW.