Windows FW state when GW closes or crashes?

I’ve just switched from Kaspersky Internet Security to Avast Antivirus Pro, which has left me to do something about firewall protection. I decided to try at long last using GW as front end for Windows Firewall, and have a question about that. When GW silently crashes and closes down, as has occurred on my system as a rarity, or fails to start, what would be the blocking / alert status of WF without GW then?

I’m using GW Basic version, and my regular FW setting for it is ‘Ask to connect’. So, if GW shuts down unexpectedly with that setting in place, would WF still block attempts from new processes to connect to the Net, and give its own alerts (as used to happen when I was using Windows Firewall Control a few years ago)? If so, that’s fine by me, but I want to make sure that, such time as GW crashes or fails to start, I’d still have my regular WF blocking policy in place and wouldn’t have a temporary open door for suspect outward connections. – Thank you.


Good question.

GlassWire should still block the connections. For example if you download a new version of GlassWire and install it, it should still block the connection while upgrading to the new version. That’s one advantage of using the Windows Firewall API.

Thanks indeed for that reassurance, Ken. Apart from the issue I’ve mentioned in a concurrent thread, of programs’ connection attempts being just blocked rather than each program itself being suspended when an alert is given, I’m really glad to be using GW / WF now, as I can see so much of what’s going on - something I really couldn’t at all with the very silent, albeit effective, Kaspersky Internet Security.