Windows on ARM support?

I’m trying to install Glasswire on a Surface Pro X running Windows 10 1909 on an ARM processor. The install starts normally and looks like it’s installing a x86 32-bit program which should work on ARM but then fails midway through.

Has anyone else had success in getting GW running on Windows 10 on ARM? Thanks!


We don’t support ARM, sorry.

Are you thinking of adding it as there are a lot of WOA devices coming out?

Failing that seeing as windows hasnt release there 64 bit emulator yet is there a 32 bit version?

GlassWire should work on 64/32 bit.

We will look at supporting ARM if we get a lot of requests. As of now we have only had one request since 2020.

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The problem with 64/32 bit is my system reports as a 64 bit system so on a lot of apps its fine but when you try to install apps that have the 1 installer you cant choose what bit version you want so they default to the system telling them its a 64 bit system.

I can get glasswire installed but it just reports the glasswire service has stopped and thats as far as it goes the GUI comes up but its like a shell

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This is on an ARM device?

Yes it’s on a Lenovo Yoga 5G called the Flex outside of the UK for some strange reason.

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This is probably only the second request for this, but I’ll +1 it. I’m running a Windows VM on an M1 Max Macbook Pro.

Add me to the request count. My Surface Pro X is becoming my daily driver and I can’t install subscription unlocked glasswire on it. Arm is gaining traction over x86/64 anyway so just not supporting it period is kind of an odd stance.

I expect most people to see that it supports Windows, download, see that it fails to install, and write off the vendor. Explicitly requesting support for a standard architecture is very much not the normal thing.


Any news regarding the ARM64 support?
More, and more Windows on ARM systems come to the market.
The new Surface Pro 9 5G or the Microsoft Dev Box 2023 seems to gain a lot of attention.
Even if you use the the regular 64Bit version it will run within the emulation layer. That is fine for regular apps, but it makes not so much sense for something security related. The performance is not the same as the native performance. The battery usage is higher, sometimes significantly, for apps that uses the emulation.

I noticed that you replied to Ken. I have not seen any posts in this forum by him since early this year.

The helpdesk has replied to some posts in the Glasswire Help category.