Windows on ARM support?

I’m trying to install Glasswire on a Surface Pro X running Windows 10 1909 on an ARM processor. The install starts normally and looks like it’s installing a x86 32-bit program which should work on ARM but then fails midway through.

Has anyone else had success in getting GW running on Windows 10 on ARM? Thanks!

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We don’t support ARM, sorry.

Are you thinking of adding it as there are a lot of WOA devices coming out?

Failing that seeing as windows hasnt release there 64 bit emulator yet is there a 32 bit version?

GlassWire should work on 64/32 bit.

We will look at supporting ARM if we get a lot of requests. As of now we have only had one request since 2020.

The problem with 64/32 bit is my system reports as a 64 bit system so on a lot of apps its fine but when you try to install apps that have the 1 installer you cant choose what bit version you want so they default to the system telling them its a 64 bit system.

I can get glasswire installed but it just reports the glasswire service has stopped and thats as far as it goes the GUI comes up but its like a shell

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This is on an ARM device?

Yes it’s on a Lenovo Yoga 5G called the Flex outside of the UK for some strange reason.

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This is probably only the second request for this, but I’ll +1 it. I’m running a Windows VM on an M1 Max Macbook Pro.

Add me to the request count. My Surface Pro X is becoming my daily driver and I can’t install subscription unlocked glasswire on it. Arm is gaining traction over x86/64 anyway so just not supporting it period is kind of an odd stance.