Windows slowing download performance

I upgraded to 1Gb connection but am only getting about 400 Mbs on my main PC. My Linux install and laptop are both getting 900Mb + (what I would expect from 1Gb ethernet). How can I identify what is causing the slowdown.

All tested on wired connection to modem

It could be your Windows settings that are limiting you. First go to the Windows network and sharing center, then click on “Change adapter settings”.

Right click on the ethernet adapter and go to “properties”.

Next click on “Configure”.

Now go to the “Advanced” tab.

Scroll down to “Speed & Duplex” and click on it.

There will be a drop down menu. If it is set to auto, change it to 1GB. If the speed is set to something specific that isn’t 1GB then try gigabit, or auto.

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The network card has been checked and is running 1Gb Full Duplex and Ive checked the drivers. and they are up to date.

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First, how are you testing this? I ask because the same utility may not work the same on different OS.

Your bottleneck might not be at the network card as many systems struggle to get data to the disk.
How old is your system?
Which network card? If integrated in the system board then which system board?