Windows update Error 0x80070020 with glasswire active

I have the free version of glasswire, windows update gave Error 0x80070020 when trying to update to fall creator’s update. Disabling glasswire allowed the update to proceed. Though you might like to know.

Was GlassWire blocking any parts of Windows before you started the update? If so that could cause the problem.

Our quality assurance tester tested GlassWire with the Creator’s Update and we did not find any problems. We recommend unblocking all Windows related services when running Windows Update.

i’m using the free version+ zone alarm(disabled windows firewall), cannot block anything. From google that error code is about antivirus, I’m using windows defender. Win 10 64bit home.

GlassWire should not be recognized as any type of antivirus by Windows. Please email us a screenshot if possible.

I’ve already updated to the latest windows version after disabling glasswire. The error code is as stated. Just wanted to report this in case someone else face the same issue.

I have very similar Windows update error 80092004 in Windows 10. I searched for term online and there i got solution as i have mentioned link below. It helped me to fix problem, might it help you to solve your issue.

How do I fix error 0x80070020?
Run Windows Update Troubleshooter.
Disable your antivirus software or Windows Defender temporarily.
Restart Background Intelligent Transfer Service.
Run System File Checker or DISM scan.
Check and fix your hard disk errors.
Perform a clean boot.

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