WinUP not showing traffic Win7 Home

Recently had an OS drive fail without a backup. Reset from original disc, reinstalled normal programs including Glasswire. For some reason Windows Update does not appear in firewall watch. I have tried full deletion of Glasswire and latest install, still does not show any activation or follow up traffic for WinUp.

What do you mean by Winup?

I mean Windows Update.


Oh, sorry. Yes Windows uses a lot of different services and hosts for Windows Update. There is not one clear “Windows Update” service.

Strangely though, prior to the crash of my os drive I could see the update traffic through glass wire as soon as it started scanning for updates.

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It’s true GlassWire will show all network traffic and it will include Windows Updates, but I think Microsoft does not call it “Windows Updates” specifically as it appears within GlassWire. Sorry for any confusion.

And just to be clear, we recommend all users have on their Windows Updates unless it’s a very unusual data usage situation or something like that.