Wireless connections usage not showing

how im set up
modem to router
router to switch (unmanaged)
switch to house
house a server that is plugged directly into that hib with glasswire on that server
On the network tab you see my mobile devices ( well I should say you see 1 of my mobile devices even though both are exactly identical)
You also see my other wireless devices.
I have a media server installed on that server as well.
when I run the media server via my TV i see usage on the TV’s IP go up when i use remote connection software from my laptop to the server I see my usage go up. when i stream a YouTube video i see my usage go out regardless of where it is used that is to say EXCEPT my mobile devices.
So despite glasswire seeing that IP as a network device it does not have the ability to see ANY usage off of that IP address.

This REALLY defeats the purpose of such a program. Also really defeats it in that glasswire picks and chooses what devices it will display.

even if you need to install a server connector on your mobile devices ect this would be acceptable.
rename network devices under the network tab

We hope to add the ability to view network activity for your network and all devices in the future. You are correct that currently GlassWire can only see the network activity for the devices it is installed on.

but even what you said is incorrect. as i stream to my TV i see that data go up on the glasswire under a different IP address that that of what glass wire is installed on