Wireless usage monitoring

Our Internet is provided via wireless with Verizon wireless in our home. We have nothing directly plugged into it. No computers and not our TV which is provided through satellite. Our usage is always way over even though we are not home the majority of the day. We were gone on vacation and there was no one in the house for nine days and we still have three gigs of usage. How can I use glass wire to monitor the wireless unit since nothing is connected?


GlassWire can only see the data from the device it’s installed on. If you use a Windows PC you can use our Windows software to see in detail what’s using your data. Our Android app can do the same.

You can also go to our “network” tab to see a list of devices on your network there, then get alerted when a new device joins the network.

If you unplug the Verizon Wireless router do you still get usage? If so maybe Verizon has your account mixed up or something like that?

Thank you. No one has ever suggested to unplug it. I will do that tonight and see what happens.

So, I will try to find an old computer to attach to it to monitor the usage. I guess that is what I’m understanding you to say.