[Wishlist] Date and time format

So, I just bought the PRO license for my workplace since something’s been eating our bandwidth lately. My initial and only complaint so far is that I can’t change the time nor date format in the graph. This isn’t really a HUGE deal, but it can be quite confusing when you’ve grown up with the 24 hour format and YYYY/MM/DD. Would be cool to have like a droplist or two in the general settings tab with preferable time and date formats. (Yes, I did search this problem and no, GlassWire didn’t automatically detect my computers time and date settings.)

Also, thanks for a simple yet beautiful piece of software!

Edit: Apparently another computer here auto detected its system time settings on Windows 7 Professional, but not on my main computer with Windows 8.1.

We will add this as a setting in the future so if our auto-detection fails the user can change it on his own. Thanks for reporting this.

I’d like to add my name to this request. For many users in many parts of the world the 24 hour clock is the norm and it’s very frustrating when software not only doesn’t pick up system default settings but doesn’t provide a manual switch.

So please, please add this!


We have not seen this problem in awhile. Can you upgrade to our latest version?

I’m running version 1.2.88 which a quick check shows as the current version. It’s running on an AMD powered 64bit Win 10 v 1609 build 14393.693. I’ve only recently upgraded to your Pro version and the time issue is ongoing on both my desktop and AMD HP laptop.

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Strange. Sorry about the problem!

This remains an unresolved problem as reported year after year:
2017 Use system locale for date and time format
2016 Respct time format set in system settings
2015 [Wishlist] Date and time format

The correct date formats do not appear for my region. Using the second day of April this year as an example:
d MMM e.g. 2 Apr
d MMMM e.g. 2 April
d/m/y e.g. 2/4/19
dd/mm/yy e.g. 02/04/19

My Settings

Windows 10 Settings | Time & Language | Date & Time:


Windows 10 Settings | Time & Language | Region

Windows 10 Settings | Time & Language | Region | Change data formats

GlassWire Settings | General:


GlassWire ignores the system date format

Graph view


Usage view


Things view


Alerts view


We are familiar with this issue and have worked on it a lot. Our team found that when we use the Windows system time format and make certain changes to certain parts of our UI it breaks our translations due to some limitations we have that are outside our control currently.

In the future when we do a revision of our UI we should be able to solve this but it’s not currently easy to do so.

It’s no fun as a user to have to live with such basic UI problems - the lack of default window behaviors is another.

I’m so thankful that a project I work on chose not to tool up with Qt. :cold_sweat:

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I see it’s now 6 years since original post and two years since last response…and yet it still remains unresolved (UK paid user) :frowning_face: . Frustrating. Please prioritise as an update: there are numerous posts on this forum (as mentioned above) about this issue and it must therefore be effecting a fairly sizeable part of your user base.


Sorry for the issue. If you go to our top left menu and choose “About”, what version of GlassWire do you use?

Also please confirm this box is checked?

Ken, I don’t wish to appear rude or disrespectful, but I have read all of the posts of this issue by other forum members going back years and this request for version and check box has been the response multiple times; multiple versions have been reported and multiple times members have reported the “system time format” is not effecting/correcting dates - for example on the axis of graphs. My version is 2.3.343 (which is the latest update as of yesterday) and yes the system time box is checked.

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Thanks! I will bump this issue for our dev team.