Wishlist: Glasswire with Sonification audio output

it would be nice to have glasswire running and I can hear the output in my office as jungle sounds like the example from this audio file here:

This audio file comes from Georgia Institute of Technology, school of Psychology


I’d imagine that a virus infected machine would sound like a panther roaring.

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Cool idea. We actually have a pre-picked audio sound for alerts and we thought about adding it to GlassWire but turning it off by default. We were worried sounds may annoy users, but I also like to hear what’s going on at my other computer so I agree with you.

Its the same wish I have for this site to have 8 bit sound audio

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When I read this audio output, I was hoping the sound would change pitch depending on how much usage your nic was having. It would first have to normalize your nic for normal stuff then when it gets very busy like uploading or downloading a file the sound would change. Then you would stop what you are doing and look at the glasswire to what has changed or what is going on.

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You don’t think it would be annoying to have constant sound? I think our current plan is to make a pleasant short sound for alerts only.

It would be cool to have an option for little “boop” for alerts. The “Boop” can be little different for different alert types.

?Maybe users can plug in their own wav files so instead of a boop, its like a ringtone, or wav file.? I can imagine my pc saying “I’ll be back”.

I can also imagine a separate option. Glasswire can notice every individual connection my pc makes, and associate a wind chime sound of different pitches. The higher the remote pc ip address, the higher the pitch. Network traffic would sound like a wind chime. More traffic would sound like a wind chime on a breezy day. If the individual tones are pleasant, then the effect should be delightful tinkling background ambience. If the tones are harsh, then it would sound like a building being torn down.

On top of that, users could add their own wav files. I could create a “wind” theme, so mine could sound like rain drops, wind, and thunder. I could create a “forest” theme, with chirpy birds, crickets, frogs, hoot owls, birds of prey. Or an “Ocean” theme with waves, seagulls, whales, porpoises,

Audio turns Glasswire into a stethoscope like a doctor uses to listen to a heart.

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I myself usually find the sounds chosen by program developers to be tiresome in one way or another. Definitely user choice is needed, even if some default sounds are supplied with GW. I have my own sounds, with a good range to choose from, and if I want something else, then I can search around. But first I need the option to use my own sounds! Also, definitely anything other than simple quick sounds would be ‘out’ for pretty well all ‘serious’ users, who have work to get on with on their computer and would be distracted by ‘entertainment’ sounds, which would tend to have something of a ‘crying “Wolf!”’ effect anyway, and so would be counterproductive, regardless of how much some individuals want them! :slight_smile:


If feature requests are being prioritized by importance, then I want audio output, but I recognize that its way down on the priority list.

I agree that wind chime sounds for every connection is entertainment value only. Its ear candy for myself and guests walking past my office. But hey, ear candy is nice. I’ve been waiting for this for 10 years.

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Given that we’d have a facility to choose our own sounds, anyone who really does want wind chimes sounds, if they’re happy to clip bits from recordings in a sound file editor they could have a whale of a time with my own Wind Chimes in the Wild series of CDs. Even if they don’t want to buy any CDs, they could surely find some useful clips from the preview excerpts that are included on my CDs e-Store page.

Personally, though, I’d keep to succinct and non-distracting sounds! :slight_smile:


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Yeah - please put on internetaccess by a tool or traffic a little “bling” or something else - maybe as a optional option - in the settings - sometimes i don’t see the litte notification in the corner

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