[wishlist] ISP usage monitoring

I posted about this on HackerNews but it’s probably best here.
My ISP provides an authenticated XML feed of my usage (downloads and uploads in Australia are capped monthly)

Doing this generically is a hard thing. I’d say pull apart http://netusage.iau5.com/ and see how that works. I feel like ISP usage APIs are mainly an Australian thing (and some of those will work via screen scraping).

I’d love to have the usage monitor integrated into GlassWire.

Supporting Telstra, TPG, Internode and iiNet would get you a large number of Australians, but I have no idea how you’d do the same for Comcast or Time Warner Cable.

I’m happy to be a guinea pig for this kind of thing.

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Thanks for the feedback! We are looking at some kind of standard to monitor the entire network that will work with most users world-wide.