[Wishlist] Notifications via e-mail or SMS

Heya Ken, Servo and all GW fans,

I think that e-mail notification function is something needed and would be very useful if something weird is going on and you are away from keyboard.
Something like this can be done;
I’ll enter my mail server settings and define some type of notification types and if it happens, a notification will be e-mailed to me at that very moment. So maybe this would allow me to program some small script which will parse data from my mail and take some action automatically/proactivly.
Similar can be done with SMS functionality as well.

I think this would be quite useful for system admins and business users who has to care about lots of PCs.

Who else of you would like to have such a feature? Please comment to this topic.

Thanks a lot!

A great idea…I would like it too! One other idea suggested a while ago was naming network devices based upon MAC address. Was this ever added? Including unknown network device connections in notifications would, for me, be really helpful.


This seems like basic functionality. I actually expected this.

I would also like to see a voting-based wishlist!

All in all, a great program. Thanks!

I think the idea of a voting-based wishlist is good. Google had implemented this – though it is questionable whether they actually pay much attention too it. Throughput control for Google Drive was the number one request for more than two years before they finally acknowledged it – no telling how long it took to implement, but I don’t think it was two years.

Glasswire gets huge numbers of requests and actually implements large numbers of them in a reasonable time frame. But it’s difficult for customers to tell whether what they want has been requested, how many others have also requested the same, and whether the Glasswire team is putting any priority to a given request.

But I must also say “thanks” to Ken and Servo and others from Glasswire who try to let us know as best possible and reasonable what is going on. Having worked in major software development operations for many years, I know how difficult it is to avoid “giving away the shop” when there are constant and escalating demands.