[wishlist] Operable Notification Popups

It feels pleasant and comfortable to see notifications of Glasswire at bottom right,

It’s just merely letting users know what’s going on though, which is not pragmatical enough,

What I was thinking, is making the notif OPERABLE and that can make glasswire to some extent as powerful as Little Snitch on Mac.

the first network activity notif can include a link reading “click here to block this app”,
if a user did so, and the app requests network connection either in or out another time, then popup a notif reading
"[program/.exe] you’ve blocked requests inward network connection"
"[program/.exe] you’ve blocked requests outward network connection"
with 3 options below
"allow only for this time"
“allow for a certain period"
→forward, allow for the next (input box, 1 by default or according to the previous input) min or allow for the next (2 by default) requests with a backward button
"never remind me again”

ps, Little Snitch is a similar software with better user experience! You may learn something from it.

Thank you for your feedback. I have used Little Snitch quite a bit on Mac and I agree it’s great and useful software.