[wishlist] Per app bandwidth limiting


+1 for the feature.
Would like to see such feature as well…


Being able to shape and manipulate traffic is a lot different than just watching it.

A large majority of apps/games/programs that use a substantial amount of data already support this internally.

What would be a real world application of this?



I am not sure if I understand all of the requirements but for many people this sounds very much like QoS to me?


While I agree, I also doubt that many home router users understand QoS and how to manage it. Would that put Glasswire within their purview – I think that’s open to question also.


In short: Software Based QoS targeted at non-hardware savvy people who want to multitask on their crap internet connection better.

Which is easier for the uninitiated: Purchasing and setting up a DD-WRT router and implementing custom QOS rules or installing an application and changing numbers in a box next to an application name?

Which is easier to perform/less interruptive on the fly for a power user: opening an application GUI and changing a number in a box, or logging into a router, changes QoS rules and probably restarting it?

Older thread about this: [Feature Request] Application Speed Limiting/Bandwith Management

Sorry for the necropost, almost 3 years later this is still a feature i’d like to see implemented in the free/paid version :stuck_out_tongue:


Would you add this feature or never ?


We may add it someday, but it’s not trivial to add unfortunately.


It would be a very useful feature for me too! :wink:


If you can limit programs by kb/s, then you can stop certain applications from hogging all of the bandwidth without stopping them entirely. Pretty much any downloader is a good example of this; if I want to update Photoshop, the Adobe application manager will use all available bandwidth for the download. If I want to play online games at the same time, I have to cancel the download. If I could limit the bandwidth of the downloader, I could do other things at the same time without having to manually open/close/block/unblock thing.