[wishlist] Per app bandwidth limiting

I’d like to be able to use GlassWire to limit an individual app’s maximum bandwidth up and down.

I think I’ve only seen a couple of other Windows apps able to do this.

This would make a great Pro feature.


I’m agree !!!

I need this option to replace my old app!


+1 up! :smiley:
Also include “events” to do this limit (if an app gives a code or is running, etc)

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This is an absolutely amazing idea, it would definitely make the paid version of GlassWire worth the cost.

How is this feature useful in normal computer usage? I want to understand why people would want this.

For metered connections, for the ability to limit an app that uses more bandwidth than it should. Example: A Skype video call maxes out at about 2MB/s, depending on camera quality, when there’s no difference as if I were to be downloading at 100kb/s. This uses more bandwidth than is necessary, I could also see this feature as a way for users to prioritize downloads/uploads.

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It’s especially useful on a connection with slow upload. I have 1mbit upload - say I want to limit OneDrive / Dropbox to 10kb/second during the day and then remove the limit overnight.

Or, I have 8mbit downstream bandwidth. If Firefox is downloading a large file, maybe my game of Team Fortress 2 becomes impossible so I limit Firefox to 2mbit for a while.


It is VERY useful (cant live without) feature. If you are downloading something on your browser for example, it will eat ALL your bandwith and prevent you from online gaming, netfilx, etc. With this feature you can limit the program that is using the bandwith to a specific target (like 500kb/s). Also, sometimes windows start automatically downloading updates and prevent me from netflix, online gaming etc so with this feature I can detect the program that is eating the bandwith (windows update whatever it is called) and limit it, so it still downloads the update but does not stop me from using the internet fast with other programs at the same time. Say, my todal bandwith is 600 kb/s, and Steam starts to download an update for a game. Instead of pausing/stopping the update I just limit the bandwith that can be used by Steam and set a limit to it for 250 kb/s. That way the update still dowloads and I got room (the other 350kb/s of my total) for netflix for example. A LOT of people would switch to Glasswire if it had that feature thanks to the killer interface alone.

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May want to merge this topic with this one: Feaure request - traffic shapping

Same thing.

Bandwidth limiting per app/process…ummmm, yeah…if you could go ahead and do that…


Just want to add my request for this too. I bought GlassWire today because I want to support the beautiful software, but this feature would have made it an absolute must-have for me.

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Its a useful feature because modern day browsers do not natively support bandwidth management, they’ll utilise as much of the network as possible.

For example to actually stream and watch a youtube video in 1080p a user only needs 733kb/s+ constant download.
However browsers like IE chrome safari etc will max out the users internet connection buffering ahead which will screw over anyone else attempting to use the internet, add in bad router QOS and you end up with packet delay/loss.

Where i live, the internet standard is still ADSL2, (24mbit down 1mbit up) so 1 person watching netflix on the best possible adsl2 connection will eat up all the available bandwidth, this is avoidable by restricting bandwidth on a per user basis, the content (netflix) remains watchable but instead of buffering 10-30seconds ahead it only buffers 2-3seconds ahead and doesnt cause the internet to crap out for everyone using it.

tl;dr Some parts of the world have horrible coverage and by restricting application bandwidth usage you can greatly improve the quality of the connection.
Online Game Distributers like Steam, Origin and hell even torrent clients have inbuilt bandwidth throttling/limitations to deal with maxing out internet connections, imovie/netflix appleTV etc do not because its assumed the person using the service has internet that meets a standard, most of the time it does, but share that internet service and more than often it does not.

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this would be THE app for me, if this functionality would be implemented, i’m looking to replace another app I use as well.
only having about 750 kb/s bandwith available to me, i need to throttle big downloads like games, if i want to keep using the computer during that time, so i need a feature to set upload / download limits per hand on the fly like another app I used does offer - but ofc i want the features of glasswire as well, without running both programs … so plz, implement.

i hope this can be done!

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It is a useful feature for many users. I don’t need it now but I would probably use it if it was available.

It seems like a significant change of direction if GlassWire implements this. It puts it squarely into bandwidth/network management which seems to be outside the current emphasis on network monitoring for security purposes.

Yes please add per app Bandwidth limiting.

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+1000, if you add this feature, i buy a licence !!! :heart_eyes:

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No interest ? :frowning:

Yes, we still have interest but this isn’t a minor feature that can be quickly implemented. :slight_smile:

+1 for this feature. I’m on the fence about buying Glasswire but bandwidth limiting by app would put me over the top for all of my family’s computers!


I asked this above already, but how would this feature be useful for you exactly? What would you limit part way that a full block wouldn’t work just as well?

+1 for the feature.
Would like to see such feature as well…